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Valeria, born in Medellin, Colombia, discovered her passion for golf at the tender age of six. Over the years, she honed her skills and clinched numerous golf tournaments in her homeland, including two South American Championships held in Brazil and Chile. In 1999, Valeria embarked on a life-altering journey, relocating to the United States with her firstborn child. Despite her language barrier, Valeria’s determination to provide for her family propelled her forward. Her roots are deeply connected to Brazil, her mother’s homeland, and Chile, her father’s origin.

Arriving in the US without the support of friends or family, Valeria took on various jobs while immersing herself in the English language. Her resilience shone through even when she faced a setback in her career, prompting her return to the golf industry she had grown up in. Valeria’s personal and professional life has been marked by challenges, successes, setbacks, and adaptability. She juggled her responsibilities, navigating the difficulties of separation, divorce, and the sole upbringing of four children, one of whom has special needs.

Initially aspiring to tour professionally in golf, Valeria’s dreams were put on hold when her son was diagnosed with Autism. However, her love for the sport remained unwavering. Valeria established a thriving Golf Academy catering to children and adults & was the golf coach for University School & Sagemont School. She has successfully taught over 500 children, guiding many towards full college scholarships, and helped numerous adults improve their golf skills, thereby enhancing their overall quality of life.

Valeria, seeking a fresh adventure in corporate America’s golf industry, transitioned into a sales manager role at the Diplomat Golf and Resort. She also became a television host at the Latin America Golf Channel from 2010 to 2014. Her efforts revitalized the facility, eventually leading to her position as a Sales Manager at Turnberry Resort and Spa from 2013 to 2016.

Valeria is a celebrated figure in the golf industry, having participated in the reality shows “The Big Break III: Ladies ONLY,” “The Big Break IV,” and “The Big Break VII.” She has also graced shows like “Golf Academy Live,” “Top Shelf,” “All Access,” “Behind the Scenes of Scotland,” and “Golf with Style” on The Golf Channel. Additionally, she hosted “Inside the PGA” on the Latin America Golf Channel and appeared on shows like “Holy Moly” on ABC. Her celebrity status has enabled her to contribute to numerous celebrity golf events for charitable causes.

Valeria’s commitment to safety led her to initiate fundraising events that help organizations and foundations raise money. Her participation in one organization has earned her a nomination to their Advisory Board in Broward County. She further broadened her horizons by obtaining her Real Estate License.

Valeria’s personal life also saw significant accomplishments as she remarried and built a loving family with her husband, a devoted father. Together, they achieved their goal of establishing and selling a thriving construction company within five years and have embarked on a new venture for the sheer joy of it.

Valeria’s lifelong passion for sports, including golf, tennis, swimming, biking, water polo, and pickleball, has led her to participate in numerous triathlons and Ironman events. Her upcoming challenge includes a 70.3 Ironman scheduled for July 2024 in Oregon.

As a coach, Valeria leverages the tools and wisdom gained from her remarkable personal and professional journey to guide her clients.



At six, I began playing golf, defying friends who found it a sport for older individuals. Undeterred, I chased my LPGA dream, practicing relentlessly after school and on weekends. Competing across Colombia, I won two South American championships in Chile and Brazil, with an impressive 72 on day one in Chile at just 13. These experiences marked the start of my remarkable golfing journey


Raised by high-performance athlete parents, sports became a fundamental part of my life. Grateful for this upbringing, I excel in various sports, including tennis, tennis, volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, swimming, karate, Jui Jitzu, wrestling, lacrosse, water polo, ping pong, golf, pickleball, and road biking, etc you name it.... However, I admit, when it comes to Frisbee, I'm the reigning 'Frisbee Fumbles' champion!


At the age of 25, my friend Qi introduced me to the world of road biking, where I quickly found my passion and excelled. Later, my friend Brian invited me to join him in a triathlon, and my love for trying new things, competition, training, and the taste of victory led me to embark on the thrilling journey of triathlons and Ironman races.


Val had four children, and in her household, golf wasn't a choice but an obligation. Each of her kids pursued different high-performance sports, including lacrosse, wrestling, jujitsu, softball, and running


As a single mom for over a decade, Val was resolute that anyone entering her life had to be a skilled athlete, ensuring a joyful and smoother journey. Her weight was worth it because her husband today is an amazing athlete and do everything and everything with her


Val ventured into a construction adventure with her husband, initially knowing nothing about it. She persevered through challenges and obstacles, ultimately thriving. Today, she excels in outdoor construction and runs a highly successful company in the field

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